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The introduction of a friend or customer is the greatest show of appreciation we could ever receive. 

Jay Cross has been handling my Auto Dealership Insurance for about 10 years. His knowledge of the auto industry, his availability day or night to advise me when situations arise and I need answers, along with his expertise in offering the coverages I need to insure my business make him a true ally to not only myself, but all dealers whose policy he oversees. He is a true advocate for Auto Dealers.

I don't know where you find such great employees! Cymantha is excellent!!

Gail- I just wanted to thank you for getting that insurance request out as quickly as you did.  We were able to get the customer squared away with a very short turnover and were able to make a really good first impression on both the customer and the management of the plant that we worked at. 

Scott M
I wanted to let you know how helpful Sam has been in navigating through the compensation, DBL and PFL payments.  She’s given good explanations which have helped me to understand the process.  She’s been great to work with.

Stephanie ROCKS….got my insurance certificate to me in 5 minutes after I requested it

Chris S.
Tina Schmidt has helped me with my insurance needs the the last few years. The interaction has been stress free. She found me the right products at very fair prices. Without hesitation, I would recommend Tina to anyone who has questions about coverage and it’s cost.

Stephanie is always a pleasure to work with.  She is always helpful and get things done immediately.

We cannot express our appreciation for all the hard work and over time that Mark put in over the past few days to make sure we can provide service on Friday night at Larkin Square.  We were referred to the Emerling Agency by the Cheesy Chick Food Truck and we are so grateful that they did!  It is very hard now a days to find a company/employee that is willing to go the extra mile (or in your case: the extra 20 miles) to make sure their clients are taken care of!  We had an emergency and you made sure it was no longer that. 

This will be the company that we refer from this point forward. 

Stephanie is always on the ball and does a great job. You should thank her for representing your company so well.


Hello Sonny, We just wanted to let you know we have been dealing with Stephanie Sauer for sometime now and she is an outstanding worker across the board. Very professional and prompt.

Please give my regards to Account Manager Tina Schmidt who handled my claim both professionally and expeditiously.

I had struck a deer, (which ran into the woods after the collision) subsequently resulting in several thousand dollars in damage to my vehicle.  Tina immediately got the process rolling and had an adjuster contact me within a day in order to assess the damage.  The adjuster was able to observe the vehicle at my place of work thereby eliminating the need to wait around my house.  Since I had a vacation planned to visit my daughter in Houston, Texas I was able to organize my collision shop to complete the repairs while I was away.

All this was accomplished without long distance calls over negligible points of order or other mediocrity that would interrupt my vacation.  I came home to a repaired vehicle due to Tina's smooth handling of the matter.

"Hats off" to your staff.  Please advise Tina that I am grateful for her help in this matter.

James S.
Michele was great in helping me save hundreds. Thank you Michele. Emerling is great!!!

We have been very satisfied with the service Tina Schmidt from Emerling has provided our family. She is very responsive to our calls and emails. She goes above and beyond to assist us. Thank you Tina for your continued support!!

Received check due to weather related electrical system problems.  I appreciate the quick response.  Everything is working fine after a month of flickering lights.  I always felt very confident in putting my insurance needs in the hands of the Emerling Agency.  Everyone has always been so friendly when I had questions about my insurance needs.  Again, thank you for your service.  It is greatly appreciated. 
Tony & Trudy K.
My wife and I wanted to get a better deal on our automobile and homeowners insurance.  We met with Brandi who found us top notch insurance with lower premium.  It was nice to actually talk to a real person who knows the business and not a bunch of digital recorded voices.  I'll be doing all my insurance needs right here.  Thank you Brandi and the Emerling agency

Gail and the entire Emerling Team have always treated us with top-notch service.

Emerling Agency, LLC I would like to give my insurance Rep Tina Schmidt a KUDOS, High Five, A+ Rating!! I called last week very upset after my renewal came in the mail to see my rate greatly increased. I've been with the same Insurance carrier almost 25 could this happen to a loyal customer?! Tina remained calm, cool and collected as she explained why...I still wasn't having it! Tina worked hard to find a solution and that she did!! I am very pleased and grateful for all Tina did to rectify this matter. And I must say, over the years, no matter when and what I call about, she's always right on top of it and so pleasant to deal with. Thank you Tina for ALL you do! You just kept a customer :)

I would like to say thank you to Sonny for being such a conscientious insurance broker.  I have always received the highest level of service from not only him but the lovely Stephanie.  I really appreciate everything.
Thank you again for both of you and for the excellent service. 

Emerling Agency gets an A+ in all they do.  They give all your needs prompt attention.  They are courteous & efficient.  We recently had issues with my father's insurance & his company didnt want to be bothered to help.
Michele at Emerling Agency took the time to help us with information even though Emerling Agency isnt Dad's insurer.  That's how helpful they are to their clients. 

I have been a customer of the Emerling Agency for over 22 years. Michele and Paul have always treated us like family and have been outstanding in customer service. They continually watch our accounts and will call and suggest changes when they feel we would benefit. I could not ask for a better insurance company and financial advisor. It's a great feeling knowing my insurance and financial accounts are monitored and that they do all the work for us. I have seen friends and family with other insurance companies and the headaches they go through just to make sure they have the proper insurance. Thank you Emerling Agency. Michael and Jennifer B

I would never go anywhere else with my insurance needs! While we have been blessed to not have too many claims I don't always have regular contact with my account rep at Emerling but I know even when I'm not thinking about them, they are there taking care of me. Using Tina at Emerling has been a great experience. When my daughter bought her first new car, I told her to just call Tina. When my son had an accident with my car, I just called Tina. Just before renewal time, Tina called me which was a good thing since I don't keep track of that. Thank you Tina and Emerling for taking such good care of my family!
Karen Van Houtte, Clarence, NY
For the past 5 Yr plus, Gail has been my go to person for any insurance needs.  My company has been in business for over 50 yrs plus, and have had lots of insurance companies.

The Emerling Agency has been able to supply everything that was needed at a fair market price.

I would suggest that people call this company for any insurance needs.

Thank you Gail for working hard to find me the right fit for my insurance needs. I appreciate you.

If there was an optional 6th star, they have earned every bit of it. Scott Medole helped me transition all of our business insurances over, and Sonny has been phenomenal! From the initial quotes, review of policies, details of how we operate and suggestions of what coverage's would be prudent and others that were unnecessary. I am now in the process of moving over my personal policies, as I have never experienced better overall service. Your office is top notch. Thank you for all of your help.

Gail has always responded quickly to all our e-mails. Whether it be a request for an insurance certificate or an answer to my question, we know she will get back to me as soon as she can. We use her for our personal umbrella, home, rental properties and all our business insurances and I feel confident we are getting the best rates and the best service. We feel confident recommending her to friends and business associates.

I use the Emerling Agency for both my business and personal insurance needs!  Having a telephone number for my agent has been so much more convenient than a 1-800 number.  The staff there is so friendly and always willing to help out in any way they can.  

We have had our business insurance with the Emerling Insurance Agency of the EMS Group for the past 5+ years.  I can honestly say that during this time, I have been very satisfied with the service and coverage that we receive from them.  So much, as I have recently entrusted them with my own personal insurance needs.

Should anyone be considering the agency for their insurance requirements or are seeking an agency that provides professional, knowledgeable and courteous service, I strongly recommend that you give them an opportunity to show you what I am speaking of.

My agent, Mark Medole, who also happens to be the Vice President of the agency is very in-tuned to our account and needs.

Good luck with your insurance needs and I hope you consider my recommendation as I am fairly certain you won't be disappointed. 

Our church has been very pleased with the care and services of Gail McCollum! She has been available and professional in meeting our our churches need for insurance.
Pastor Brad Delp, lockport, NY
I was asked by my insurance agent if I would write a testimonial letter concerning my experience with the services and advice that he offers to my restaurant "CHESTERS".  Normally, I would not write such a letter because I have always felt that insurance is insurance, and the only thing that matters is price.  "WOW, WAS I WRONG."

Please let it be known that in the event you may be considering Mark Medole of the Emerling Insurance Agency to manage your business insurance needs, I strongly urge you to explore the possibilities.  Mark provides me with very useful advice and service concerning the business. 

I honestly had no idea that insurance agents could offer all the extra benefits that he does. It's very obvious that his past restaurant experience gives him the insight to offer such valuable services.  I am very confident that my business is thoroughly insured and I am not going to have any surprises.

If you should be reluctant to change your insurance agent (by the way, I refer to mine as a "trusted Advisor") give me a call at 636-4554 and I would be happy to explain what he does for our business.

I searched high and low for an insurance company that even knew what a food truck was. After trying to explain to three other agents what my business was I came across the Emerling Agency who has provided prompt, timely, and knowledgeable service.  I have built a relationship with my agent and have both my business and personal assets insured with Emerling. 

Gail has always gone above and beyond to make sure my church's insurance needs were met she is a fantastic asset to your company

I trust my agent completely.  I've been with her for years and she's always been there for me.  I recommend this agency to everyone! :)

Two thumbs up to Mark Medole and the staff at the Emerling Agency.  He and Gail McCollum handle the insurance for the Village of Gowanda and do it splendidly.  They have the villages best interests in mind while regularly reviewing our coverage and making recommendations on ways we can proect the village's interests.

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