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My roommates both have their own auto insurance- why do I need to get their drivers license and DOB for my own auto quote?  We get this question all the time.  Being an Independent agent, we are able to find the most competitive rate with the best coverage for our clients. READ MORE >>

Comprehensive (often referred to as "other than collision") coverage is one type of protection available on an auto insurance policy (others being collision, uninsured motorist, etc.). Comprehensive coverage pays only for damage caused by an event other than collision, including: Fire Theft READ MORE >>

A common question we get is, "do I need to buy rental car insurance"?   The simple answer to that question is "no".   If you are renting a vehicle anywhere in the United States, its territories or possessions, and Canada under a rental agreement with a term no longer than 30 continuous days, your auto insurance will provide coverage. READ MORE >>

In today’s overscheduled world, any information that isn’t at your fingertips is out of sight, out of mind. So when you set down the mail, it’s easy to forget about that ticket you need to pay from when the motion-sensor camera caught you driving through a red light. READ MORE >>

Anyone who drives my car with my permission is covered if I have insurance- FACT! If you allow someone to drive your vehicle, that person is covered by your insurance policy.  Keep in mind that if the person who drives your car causes an accident, you would be held responsible for the damage, which could make your auto insurance rates increase. READ MORE >>

People who live in the city pay more to insure their cars than people outside the city- FACT! Within a state, city dwellers usually pay more for car insurance than rural residents.  Cities have a higher risk for claims due to more traffic, more people and more theft, which generally means higher car insurance rates. READ MORE >>

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