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Emerling Agency, LLC Blog: 9_2016

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As the outdoor temperature gradually drops, deer activity and deer-vehicle accidents increase. Every year across the country, deer-vehicle accidents account for billions of dollars in vehicle damage, thousands of injuries and hundreds of fatalities. These tips can help you avoid a collision with a deer and stay safe while on the road. READ MORE >>

Get the right insurance for your business vehicles—and save money, too Five things you should consider before your next renewal  Your vehicle insurance could be as much as 40 percent of your total operating budget.  A Regular policy review is essential in making sure you have the right insurance for your truck—and your business. READ MORE >>

There’s more to your homeowner policy than just coverage for the house you live in. It also provides coverage for other structures on your property. These may include all structures and buildings not sharing a foundation with your house. Most insurance policies provide 10 percent coverage for other structures. READ MORE >>

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