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Emerling Agency, LLC Blog: 1_2017

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You made it! You turned your passion into a going concern. Maybe you turned your sewing hobby into an alterations business. Or perhaps you left corporate bookkeeping to strike out on your own. Congratulations on your successful, home-based business. Now are you willing to bet your house on it? READ MORE >>

Every day, more than 2,600 children are involved in a traffic accident in the U.S. – that’s one child under 13 involved in a crash every 33 seconds. While most parents have taken steps to secure young children in approved car seats, there is another step parents can take for peace of mind: Put a TIKE sticker on each car seat. READ MORE >>

The New Year is always an exciting time, "New Year, New Me."  Here are a couple of things we recommend doing or working on to start 2017 out right when it comes to insurance and your possessions: 1) Make a home inventory.  Making a list of high priced items or taking photos and saving them in your email or in a cloud can help you in the event of a loss. READ MORE >>

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