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This is a claim alert to retail insurance agents that currently insure auto dealerships.  Download these tips to help reduce losses and keep insurance costs down due to the increase of False Pretense/Identity Theft claims. It’s clear that today’s criminals are technologically savvy and no longer need to show up at the dealership to steal cars. READ MORE >>

Yes, it’s that time of year again. And while it’s unlikely that any automotive marketer has ever bestowed a name on a car with the express intention of scaring buyers, here are five that are, well, kinda scary. 5. READ MORE >>

It’s nearly Halloween, and that means trick or treaters may be about to ring your doorbell. If you plan on handing out candy this year, we have nine tips to get ready.                                  ... READ MORE >>

A beneficiary is an individual you assign to receive the proceeds from a life insurance policy. What does this mean? Life insurance pays a death benefit at the time of your death. The policy names a specific person to receive those funds. You choose who this is. But, who you select needs to be a personal decision you make wisely. READ MORE >>

Effective Oct. 9, 2018, all New York employers must enact an anti-sexual harassment policy that meets or exceeds the standards set by a model policy, which will be drafted by the New York State Department of Labor (DOL) and New York State Division of Human Rights (DHR). READ MORE >>

Crock-Pots and other slow cookers are generally pretty safe.  But after pulling yours out of storage and dusting it off, you should inspect it for any potential safety hazards.                                &nbs... READ MORE >>

Imagine hearing about a company’s mistakes. Would you work with a company like this? Or, would you be more attracted to a business who takes care of its employees? Proper business insurance can help. It is sometimes not a direct benefit to employers. READ MORE >>

Last week, the Department of Financial Services announced the 2019 Paid Family Leave benefit amounts and employee contribution rate. The information was posted on the Paid Family Leave website and can be found here. READ MORE >>

Often, we receive a phone call from an insured that they have purchased either a motorcycle, camper, motor home, boat or ATV and ask if they can add it to their auto or homeowners policies. Although there are companies that allow the addition of a motorcycle and RV to their auto policy or a ... READ MORE >>

Opening a catering business can be a rewarding opportunity. Yet, like any type of business operation, it comes with numerous risks. Your goal is to provide fantastic food and good service to your customers. To do this, and minimize financial loss, you need business insurance. READ MORE >>

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