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What is Short-Term Disability Insurance? Short-Term Disability insurance can pay a percentage of your salary if you're unable to work for a short period of time (typically less than six months) due to a non-work-related condition, illness, or injury. It helps protect, or partially replace your income. READ MORE >>

Breaking News... Thanks to our client's loyalty and support we are pleased to announce that after 30 years at our current location we are expanding into a new building less than a mile from our existing location in Clarence. This will help us to continue to improve the services we offer to our valued clients. READ MORE >>

Insurance Myth:Cheaper cars cost less to insure- FALSE! If your cheaper car has a large engine, weighs a lot or is an unusual model, it might cost more to insure than a more expensive small car.  However, if you have a cheaper car, you will pay less for comprehensive coverage, which covers damage caused by vandalism, hail, fire or animal accidents. READ MORE >>

Insurance Myth: I only need the bare minimum amount of car insurance- FALSE! Many states have minimum car insurance requirements, but the minimum amount of required insurance may not cover all of your costs. If you cause an accident that results in a lawsuit and your insurance limits don't cover... READ MORE >>

2015 Annual Agency Team Builder Outing

Insurance Myth: My Home Insurance covers all disasters likely to happen in my area- FALSE! Standard home insurance covers disasters such as fire, lightning, theft, vandalism and damage from smoke, water or wind.  It does NOT cover damage caused by a flood or earthquake. READ MORE >>

It's wedding season- are your valuables covered?  Most homeowner's insurance policies cover only up to a certain dollar amount of jewelry. Wedding & engagement rings, diamond earrings, and watches should all be "scheduled" on your policies.    Begin a home inventory of all the items you own. READ MORE >>

Have you seen this sign??...Stay connected- follow us on Facebook! READ MORE >>

Insurance Myth:  I have a home insurance policy, so I have all the coverage I need- FALSE! Many policies don't have a high enough limit to rebuild the home in case of complete destruction.  Some homeowners will find themselves short tens of hundreds of thousands of dollars if their home is destroyed by fire or other disaster. READ MORE >>

Wondering when to start taking Social Security? This blog from our broker/dealer may be of some help! Have more questions? Our financial advisors would love to answer the questions and concerns you may have... Choosing When to Take Social Security READ MORE >>

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